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Six held in Kidnap and murder case

| March 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

A.K.Khan, Commissioner of Police is briefing the facts of the case to media

Hyderabad, March 1 (Crime News): The Hyderabad City Police has traced out the accused of kidnap and murder case here today, said A.K.Khan, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad.



On Feb 22, 2012 a partially burnt dead body with fatal injuries was found near Kandi village under the, limits of Sangareddy Rural PS. The dead body was further identified to be that of Vamaraju Chakrapani. The car of the deceased was found to be parked at the Lions club near Paradise, Secunderabad. It was suspected that the deceased was kidnapped in a vehicle and killed and was burnt in order to conceal the evidence. The initial investigation was made by Sangareddy police and later it was transferred to Ramgopalpet PS on the point of Jurisdiction. The offence was detected and the accused were apprehended by Commissioner’s Task Force.


The Task Force team has apprehended Thopudurthi Raja Sekhar Reddy of Radha Nagar, Proddutur, Kadapa District, Kouley Srinivas Goud BHEL, Ramachandrapuram, Medak Dist, Yacham Siddiramulu of Fareedpur, Medak Dist, Dhandampalli Rajesh Goud of Ramachandrapuram, Medak Dist, Police Patel Mahesh, Ashok Nagar, Ramachandrapuram, Medak Dist and Katike Shiva Kumar of Ramachandrapuram, Medak Dist.


Vamaraju Chakrapani of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, was deceased in this case. Earlier he worked as a chartered accountant and an active member of Lions Club. He had civil dispute with Shambu Prasad and Sons Pvt Ltd and Nageshwar Estates Pvt Ltd (both belonging to one family) over the assets of Andhra Patrika (about 4800 yards) in a prime locality near Railway Station, Vijayawada.


Motive behind the kidnap and murder:

Shambu Prasad & Sons Private Limited and Nageshwar Rao Estates are jointly holding property at prime locality admeasuring 4800 square yeards at Hanumanpet, Vijaywada. They were running a daily news paper “Andhra Patrika”. As it was running in losses they sold the unit to one Sri. Chakrapani (deceased) in the year 1990. Sri. Chakrapani lead the business in profits. Seeing this Shambu Prasad filed two suits in the courts against Chakrapani to take back properties. While the suits are pending, Shambu Prasad and sons Pvt Ltd in the year 1994 sold the same property to one Maganti Subba Rami Reddy and his associates for which one Mastan Reddy is GPA holder. In the year 2009, Shambu Prasad Pvt Ltd won the suit, however Sri. Chakrapani went for appeal in higher court and the appeal is pending at Hon’ble IInd Addl District Court at Vijayayawada. Inspite of knowing the litigation the accused entered into an agreement with Mastan Reddy (GPA holder) for purchase of the land on 15-11-2010 and paid 11 crores as an advance and the registration is pending. As per the confession of Raja Sekhar Reddy that he approached the deceased and offered 3 crores to resolve the matter and withdraw the case but the deceased said to have demanded Rs. 17 crores.

Seized Cash and other articles

As A-1, Raja Sekhar Reddy could not mange to settle the issue by threatening and as he was running out of time for completion of sale agreement, he strongly decided to eliminate Sri. Chakrapani.  Therefore, he had made some attempts to eliminate the deceased and tried to get assassins from outside. But this time he hired A-2 and his associates, who succeeded in execution of kidnap and murder of Chakrapani.


Plan and preperation:

A-1 Raja Sekhar Reddy who was in regular touch with A-2, Srinivas Goud contacted him for eliminating the deceased and offered Rs. 15 lakhs. On that, Srinivas Goud conspired with A-1, Rajesh Goud, Mahesh, Siddiramulu and Shiva Kumar and offered Rs. 2 lakhs each to Rajesh, Mahesh, Siddiramulu and Rs. 50000/- to Shiva Kumar. They planned and were waiting for opportunity since one month. As per their plan Siddiramulu bought two surgical blades. Mahesh procured 5 liters petrol. Purchased one Sumo vehicle. Also kept another seized Tata Indica car and a two wheeler for utilizing them in execution of murder.


A-1 along with A-2 conspired and planned to kill Chakrapani by hitting him with a vehicle and simulated a scene of road accident. Accordingly A-2 committed kidnap and murder of Chakrapani, along with A3 to A6.


Execution of plan:  

Since about 25 days the movement of deceased was shadowed by the accused team and were waiting for opportunity to kill him by hitting with vehicle. On 21-02-2012A2 to A6 assembled at Lingampally, BHEL and discussed about execution of their conspiracy. On the day of incident accused shadowed the deceased from 4 pm onwards at Jubilee Hills and were following his movements. In the night the deceased went to Lions Club Bhavan at Paradise at about 8:30 pm. In the mean time the Tata Sumo vehicle was brought by Srinivas Goud and Mahesh. As per their plan they have to hit the deceased with Tata Sumo vehicle and shift the injured or deceased into Tata Indica. On the instructions of Srinivas Goud @ Bitchu, Shiva Kumar was on observation at Lions club building. Soon after the deceased came out at about 11:30 pm, Shiva Kumar passed the information to Srinivas Goud. As per their plan Mahesh drove the Tata Sumo and dashed the deceased, while deceased was walking towards his car parked at a distance due to which the deceased received injuries and fell down. Mahesh after hitting with vehicle vanished from the spot. Mean while Rajesh drove Tata Indica and reached the spot where deceased fell down. Srinivas Goud and Siddiramulu posing as passersby shifted the deceased into the car on the pretext of taking him to Hospital. After reaching outskirts they cut the throat of the deceased and killed him and drove the car towards Sangareddy. After reaching near Kandi village, Srinivas Goud took the car to an isolated place. Meanwhile Mahesh reached the spot near Kandi village of Sangareddy rural limits with petrol which he purchased enroute, Srinivas Goud and Rajesh Goud poured the petrol on the corpse and set fire and left the place. While returning the accused thrown the blood clothes and blades in a Nala at BHEL. After some time they all parked the Sumo at BHEL premises and went to Tirupathi in Indica Car. They returned to Hyderabad after a days stay at Tirupati.



Apart from the above they also confessed that ………

On the instructions of accused T.Raja Sekhar Reddy, Srinivas Goud along with Siddramulu had earlier tried to kidnap and had threatened some people to settle financial disputes.


Seizures made:

1)  Two surgical blades

2)  One Tata Indica Car

3)  One Tata Sumo Car

4)  One CBZ bike

5)  One Gold chain, two gold rings,

6)  One pen drive.

7)  Nine cell phones

8)  One .32 Pistol with six live rounds,

9)  Rs. 79,000/- and other relevant material and documents.

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